Modern Classics

In the last 30 years many new and groundbreaking animated series, like the Simpsons and Ren & Stimpy, have conquered the world. Old favourites have returned in new series and films like The Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny. Other famous animated characters were used in commercials and advertisements. Comic book characters like Garfield and Dilbert found a new career on television. AnimationNation had put the best of the modern classics aside for you.

Our products in the category Modern Classics:

Production drawing of Bugs Bunny from the movie Space Jam

Animation cel of the famous comic strip character Dilbert

All Dogs Go to Heaven, Carface Carruthers

Complete cel and background of a key scene from Faeries 1981

Production drawing of Garfield's not so happy girlfriend Penelope - sold

pre-production sketch of a bored Homer Simpson

Simple production drawing of an empty headed Homer Simpson

Rare production sketch of a struggling Inspector Gadget in a Christmas special

Keith Haring Estate, cel of a Sesame Street item called 'Exit'

Cute production drawing of Marge Simpson

Three concept drawing of a Pink Panther tooth paste commercial

Pink Panther in a media frenzy, cels and matching backgrounds, 1992

Ren, Stimpy and a monkey get ready for space travel, great production drawing

Wonderful and rare color model of the 1982 The Secret of NIMH movie